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One of the crucial activities of the National Cluster Association is lobbying for its member organisation and institutions. NCA supports the interests of the member organisations and assist the Czech clusters with their legal formations, specific feauters, potential and needs. Association collaborates with national regional organisations as well as municipal administration and services. Furthermore, the association has expanded beyond the borders and is in close contact with unique institutions and enterprises abroad. 

NCA is a key player proposing it comments and feedbacks concerning the legislation, terms and conditions of the programmes and calls for funding initiated by the Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Industry and Trade and Technological Agency of the Czech Republic.  Association is a crucial stakeholder and consultant in the process of members´ and partners´ participation in the international formations and project.  


What are our Plans for 2020?


  • To continue building up relationships with relevant regional municipality and national government, national cluster organisation, European Commission representatives and other relevant stakeholders (especially from Ministry of Trade and Industry, CzechInvest, Ministry of Education Youth and Sports, Technology Agency, Technology Centre CAS, regions,…)


We would like to engage National Cluster Association in the process of preparation of Operational programme Technology and Application for Competitiveness (OPTAK), support representation in a platform for calls for proposals planning and encourage the clusters and their importance during the preparation of the community programmes of European Union. Furthermore, we also plan to engage NCA into the European Cluster Alliance, achieve maximal participation of cluster organisations in implementation of RIS3 strategies, including representation in National Innovation Platforms and their involvement  in modern topics – Digital Innovation Hub, Creative Industry, Industry 4.0.

  • Extension of the membership base , new members from cluster organisations

Every important cluster wishes to be involved.


  • Inclusion of Technology Platforms into the activities of National Cluster Association


  • Taking advantage of know-how of the NCA team to ensure financial security of the association


Cooperation with the individual regions on development of new cluster organisations and on important areas where clusters could help with further development. Realisation of analytical activities , map studies , education.




National Cluster Association (NCA) ensures education in the areas associated with cluster activities and management. Association uses professional experience of the member organisations as well as a portfolio of national and foreign experts.

The project: “Through education to innovation” enables NCA to open complex free of charge educational courses for company employees. Meanwhile, the education does not burden the company management with complicated project administration. All the companies or enterprises that belong to any of our member clusters can take advantage of the free education for its staff during this unique project.

Types of Available Courses:

  • Management and Soft Skills (different courses in the fields of Human Resources, Marketing, Management, Production, Personal Development)
  • Accounting, Legal and Economic Courses
  • Language Courses (by agreement different types of languages and levels)
  • IT Courses

Courses take place within the company, if it has a group of 10-12 people for education, or there is also an option to enrol individuals or small groups into open courses, the ones that are attended by participants from several enterprises.

Who Participates in the Project?

Different companies from various fields of expertize have already taken advantage of the education opportunities, such as:

IT enterprises: Kvados plc. and Vítkovice IT Solutions, plc.(from Ostrava), pharmaceutical researchers: Mb Pharma ltd. and FAGOFARMA ltd. (Ostrava)., pharmaceutical manufacturer: Dyntec ltd. (Usti nad Labem Region), engineering manufacturer: Realistic plc. (Karlovy Vary)

Contact us and make a reservation for free education and personal development of your employees!

Contact person: Lucie Foldynova, tel. +420 773 032 220, email:

Educational Project in the Year 2020


This year we have started with education and mentoring programmes in prominent companies operating in different field industries throughout the Czech Republic:

Information Technologies: Kvados, JSC , Vítkovice IT Solutions, JSC, IT Euro, JSC,

Pharmaceutical research and production:   Dyntec Spol., ltd. , MB Pharma, ltd. ,  Fago Farma, ltd., 

Machinery production: Realistic, JSC

Automatization technologies: Murrelektronik CZ Spol., ltd.


Education and courses in these companies focus on variety of soft skills: presentation and sale skills, leadership, couching and motivation, and also many specified courses in the area of production, quality management and technologies.


In addition,  many of the companies also are taking advantage of free of charge language courses.  We adjust the Language courses to the requirements of the employer. Furthermore, we provide different types of levels and fields of focus and support also native speakers.  Most of the companies have recommended their own referenced and qualified language school or  teacher. 

As required by involved companies we are also starting with IT education, such as Microsoft Office, Google Analytics and many other courses, in the summer months.











NCA is a unique organisation in terms of the foundation bases, connections, activities and further potential of cluster initiatives and organisations in the Czech Republic. 


Moreover, this association connects (not only) cluster member organisations with other entities, including organisations, enterprises, public administration as well as national and foreign innovative companies and institutions.

NCA coordinates development of progressive teams and consortia aiming at effective implementation of new synergies. Furthermore, it also ensures connection through modern technologies of :”Digital society”, as well as traditional in person meetings, events, conferences and workshops. In fact,  “In person” meeting has proved itself to be still very popular as one of the best platforms for exchanging experience and good practices. Last but not least, the association and its members also focus on interconnection of cluster and innovative European and Worldwide platforms to contribute to the further.

You have opportunity to present your achievements at our Cluster Day Events.

  • This year we have Successfully Finished and Published the MAP OF CLUSTERS in the Czech Republic

It provides crucial information concerning the clusters and their members, based on hard data.

We are planning to transfer current static look to interactive online version with its own administration (each cluster organisation will have its own account to be able to edit or upgrade data).


  • New NCA Web Site and Visual Identity Update

In May we activated a new NCA Web in the Czech and English version in Content Management System where the databases of cluster organisation –Map of Clusters would be gradually implemented. It will also help to rejuvenate visual identity of NCA.


  • NCA Information Service

We send Information Service to our members on irregular bases. The NCA members can read about financing, cases of good practices, invitations to relevant events etc. 


  • Internal Networking of the NCA Members

We are trying to bring up opportunities for our cluster organisations and its members. Initially, we analyse cluster organisations´ and companies´ excellence. Moreover, we try to interconnect the clusters and help them share opportunities and requests for cooperation. We also organise webinars and workshops on ad hoc topics.


  • Two-day Meeting of NCA Members in Autumn


We have already started planning our regular annual event where we promote our clusters and welcome national and regional government representatives and crucial partners. The part of the Days of Clusters is Golden Cluster award and „The Best Project of National Cluster Organisation “ declaration.  First day will conclude with social evening. The second day is dedicated to specific presentations for cluster managers.


NCA provides consulting and guidance to its members, or by agreement to other parties, in these areas:

  • Analytic and strategic –conceptional activities in the key areas of cluster management: business support, research and innovations, education, regional development and the fields associated with the area of focus of cluster member organisations
  • Identification and analysis of the new cluster initiatives, field analysis, development of current cluster organisations
  • Consultancy in the field of international cluster cooperation development, advice and assistance to the Czech innovative companies aiming to expand at particular foreign markets
  • Education associated with cluster foundation and management
  • Consultancy and guidance in the process of preparation and coordination of the project funded from the National or International sources

Project management and project proposal consulting, including support of the needs and interests of NCA members in cases of disputes.


We propose our know-how in the area of project coordination, grant proposals´ consulting and project preparation.  Furthermore, we provide guidance and assistance to our members with project administration (reports, requests for payment) and communication with grant providers.





In this area NCA  particularly focuses on


  • Search and analysis of opportunities for international connection of Czech cluster organisations, technological platforms and different European and global project applicants and participants
  • Support involvement of the Czech stakeholders and organisations in the European innovation platforms (individual platforms in specified areas, such as nanotechnology, digitalisation, circular economy and sustainable development, space and aeronautical research, RIS3 platforms etc.)
  • Transnational cooperation (especially with Slovakia, Poland, Germany) with research organisations and important companies (specialised e.g. on machinery, automotive, plastic industry, digitalisation and related technologies and conceptions (digital innovation hubs, Industry 4.0., Cybersecurity, IoT, Smart City), water and waste management, education etc.
  • Providing help to the Czech companies to expand into foreign markets throughout existing and dynamically developing network and functional connection

We are planning to intensively organise missions or mentoring programmes abroad aimed at foreign markets (Philippines, China, Vietnam…)