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Czech Marine Cluster - Accomplishments of our members which we have had the honour to be part of


Czech Marine Cluster is an organisation with the aim to accelerate the competitiveness of the Czech marine industry in the World.

We are aware of the unlimited potential of Czech companies, and it makes us very grateful to have an opportunity to cooperate with them. We connect marine industry across the World. We gather relevant information and help with networking between members, partners and the market. In 2022, the Czech Marine Cluster is an essential partner to all members. Connecting companies from the marine industry mean economic and growth benefits – we save time and costs for our members.


We add some of our members' phenomenal achievements to prove that marine industry development is essential.


04/2022 Successful completion of the innovative Catamaran IC 36


We were honoured to be part of the grand finale and introduce the unique concept of our member's catamaran, Independent Catamaran. Czech companies are equal players in European and worldwide markets. The market outside of the Czech Republic will soon know and recognise our marine industry. You can read more about Catamaran IC 36 in the 5th Yacht issue.


The winners of the regatta La Ruta de la Sal 2022 in Ibiza with their IC36 La Ruta de la Sal mobilises over 2 000 sailors every year when a diverse flotilla of boats cruises the Mediterranean Sea to remind us of the voyages of the past century in search of white gold: the salt of life!


It isn´t an easy regatta. Crossings are long, and the process of the regatta can be tricky, thanks to the complicated weather season. Our members not only qualified themselves but also won! All of it makes it more adventurous and magical, and the fact that they passed the process it's fantastic.

Our members not only qualified themselves but also won!



05/22 The Dock Barkmet Ltd 


One of the largest docks in our country. The company has a really large field of activity. It manufactures, supplies, and assembles various types of custom steel structures for marine and construction industries, including bridge structures, building constructions, assembly platforms, industrial ventilation systems and much more. 


In May this year, the company completed nearly 100m tanker. It was launched on the Elbe on May 10, 2022, and the Czech Marine Cluster was there. In addition to the fact that it was an engaging spectacle, we also met other members ( there who wouldn´t miss such an exceptional event. This is also proof that the cluster fulfils its function. We know each other, share events and create a natural environment for networking.
The potential for the development of the industry is great, and together, we can maximize it.




We also must mention new collaborations between our members!



Both companies are located about a kilometre apart as the crow flies, yet they didn´t know about each other until we connected them. We introduced them, and the collaboration was born. The companies established a business partnership in the area of custom precision engineering. It is great to see how cluster works in practice on specific jobs.


MGM COMPRO – The Dock Barkment Ltd

MGM COPRO, a matador in the production of electric motors, speed controllers and battery systems, comes to the market with a series of electric motors for boats. It was necessary to find the right partner. Collaboration was successfully established. Several constructive negotiations have already taken place between the companies. We are very much looking forward to the results of this cooperation.


100%Rework – MGM COMPRO

When accepting 100%Rework´s membership, we had no idea that the collaboration would emerge so quickly. 100%Rework is involved in quality services and process engineering. On the other hand, MGM COMPRO faced the point of moving its production further by structurally introducing processes. At the moment, work is fully operational. It is a perfect example of connecting companies in the cluster organization



Exchange of experience in practice. Independent Catamaran completed project IC 36 by winning the regatta La Ruta de Sal. Like every visionary, Independent Catamaran also has plenty of new ideas for which they need funding. That is why MGM COMPRO agreed to collaborate since they have experience in the field of funding. Another collaboration is growing between our members, but we will keep it for the next time.

Magdalena Vrabcekova, Cluster manager,