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The success of a cannabis startup in the field of medical use


NCA members regularly share their successes and the successes of their members with us. Selected contributions can be found in the KLASTROVINY. Read a contribution from theCzecHemp and its member SensiQure.

Czech Hemp Cluster, z.s. alias CzecHemp is an industry cluster established for better cooperation of entrepreneurs, public sector, research and educational institutions in the entire value chain of cultivation, processing and use of hemp and medicinal cannabis in order to improve conditions for the development of the cannabis sector in the Czech Republic.


The activities of CzecHemp are aimed at supporting and developing businesses working with hemp and cannabis. The goal is to change legislation so that the potential of this versatile plant can be exploited not only in the Czech Republic but also globally. In August this year, CzecHemp succeeded in obtaining the BRONZE label awarded by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis.


One of the successful members of CzecHemp is the company SensiQure, s.r.o., which started in 2021 as a startup project of Jiří Velechovský, a PhD student at the Czech University of Life Sciences, and Tomáš Mikula, a technology entrepreneur. By combining agronomic knowledge of indoor cannabis cultivation with technological know-how, SensiQure quickly established itself on the Czech market as a top indoor cannabis grower.

This summer, the company achieved a huge milestone when it obtained the Good Manufacturing Practice (EU GMP) certification, which complemented the previously obtained license for medical cannabis production (GACP) from the Czech State Institute for Drug Control (SÚKL). This involves meeting a long list of very strict conditions. Currently, fewer than five companies hold such licences in the Czech Republic.

“The path to the licenses was challenging, but thanks to the internal know-how of our team, we obtained both licenses in a very short time and with a much smaller investment than is common in this industry,” explains the company’s co-founder Jiří Velechovský. “This milestone opens the door to the rapidly expanding European and possibly global medical cannabis market.”

Contact: Lukas Hurt,, +420 730 128 319,