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We connect cluster organizations and technology platforms defend their needs and develop cluster policy in the Czech Republic.

The National Cluster Association (NCA) is a non-governmental non-profit organization that brings together entities and individuals with the goal of coordinated and sustainable development of cluster initiatives and cluster policy development in the Czech Republic based on concentration of knowledge, experience and expertise to strengthen the Czech competitiveness.

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The NCA brings together

33 / 5
clusters and technology platforms / research and support organizations
877 / 274
companies / other members
268 tis
Total number of employees in member organizations (approx.)
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European Cluster Conference 2024 takes place in Brussels

The European Cluster Conference is all about collaboration: bringing together stakeholders, policymakers, cluster managers, researchers, entrepreneurs and the public to build connections and ignite new ideas for investments.

Ten SMEs presented their outputs during the final meeting of the EuroCluster Rural Tourism project

On 15 May 2024, the National Cluster Association organised the final online meeting for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) participating in the EuroCluster Rural Tourism call. At this meeting, SMEs presented the results of their projects.

EuroCluster Rural Tourism hosted a final event for all project participants in Padova, Italy

On 16 May, the final meeting of all EuroCluster Rural Tourism project participants took place in Padua, Italy. During this meeting, the results of the selected SMEs were presented, and we looked back on the whole project together.

Actuality and News

EuroCluster Rural Tourism - Successful completion of the Hotel Fontána project

Clock icon10.07.2024

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of Hotel Fontana's project, an SME participating in the EuroCluster Rural Tourism project. With € 5000 in financial support, Hotel Fontána embarked on transformational initiatives to improve its operations and sustainable practices.

Advancing the Transition: Key Developments in the Chemical Industry, EU Clusters Talk, 10 July

Clock icon04.07.2024

The chemical industry is a vital player in the EU economy - many goods that are manufactured in Europe rely on chemicals for a wide range of functions.

EuroCluster Rural Tourism - Celebrating the success of Lavender Farm

Clock icon04.07.2024

We are happy to announce the success of Lavender Farm, an SME participating in the EuroCluster Rural Tourism project. Thanks to the € 5000 financial support, Lavender Farm is making progress in digitalization and improving the visitor experience.

Access to EU FUNDING Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform (STEP)

Clock icon03.07.2024

Strategic Technology Platform for Europe (STEP) as a new EU initiative.

EU Funding for Critical Technologies: Special Session on the STEP Initiative, EU Clusters Talks, 26 June

Clock icon01.07.2024

How can we boost investments in critical technologies for Europe?

ECCP Invitation for the Cluster Collaboration Labs (C2Lab), Strasbourg, France, on 25-26 September 2024

Clock icon28.06.2024

European Cluster Collaboration Platform invites you to an interactive workshop to create your next project proposal!