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President of the Czech Republic visited member of Klastr MECHATRONIKA


Did you notice President Peter Pavel's visit to the Pilsen Region last week?

If you happened to miss the name of the clever Czech company that the President visited, please know that it was an active member of the Klastr MECHATRONIKA - Domažlice LINTECH, where President Petr Pavel appreciated innovations in the field of laser technologies and automation.


At a subsequent press briefing, he then said: "LINTECH is a company that meets my criteria of a company that I would like to give as a good example, as an inspiration, because it is a purely Czech company. A company that focuses on high added value production, quality products in a segment where there is no need to compete with large established manufacturers, but also production that is creative and innovative. It is a company that pays a lot of attention to the education of young people in technical fields, preparing them to work in companies like LINTECH. And it is also a company that has a very followable model of operation because it does not live on loans, but lives and develops primarily on what it earns."


Involvement in cluster activities this time helped Lintech to become very visible. The full report on the visit and a photo gallery can be found on the SM or LINTECH website.