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European Cluster Conference 2024 takes place in Brussels


The European Cluster Conference is all about collaboration: bringing together stakeholders, policymakers, cluster managers, researchers, entrepreneurs and the public to build connections and ignite new ideas for investments.

The European Cluster Conference is a bi-yearly event. Since 2008, it has focused on a different theme, enabling participants to discuss priorities.


Building upon the success of previous editions, the European Commission, in collaboration with the Belgian Regions, is set to host the 9th European Cluster Conference. Scheduled for 7-8 May 2024 in Brussels, this flagship event, supported by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP), stands as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the cluster community. The conference will kick off with the Side Events on May 6, 2024, running simultaneously - The assembly meeting of cluster partnerships/Euroclusters and The assembly meeting of National Cluster Associations. 


This gathering promises to be a pivotal moment for clusters, as it will align with key EU policy actions planned for the year, while also echoing the diverse voices of the cluster community through a bottom-up approach to the conference program.


Registrations for the European Cluster Conference 2024 are open!

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Mark your calendars and be sure to secure your spot for the event! Don't miss the chance to be part of the discussion and engage with industry leaders, policymakers and cluster organisations from all over Europe.


Stay tuned for more details, and join us in shaping the future of clusters in the EU.


The European Cluster Conference 2024 aims to highlight the vital role of clusters in advancing EU industrial priorities. It seeks to engage stakeholders in discussions on ongoing Commission initiatives, collecting feedback on 2024 priorities and encouraging bottom-up actions. Building on the Expert Group on Clusters' recommendations from late 2022, the conference will offer insights into how stakeholders integrate and implement the Commission’s vision on the ground, contributing to Transition Pathways.


The conference will address pivotal topics— the Green Transition, the Digital Transition and Resilience Building—providing a deep dive into key drivers like skills, funding, and technology. The conference will raise awareness about the role of clusters, the European Cluster Collaboration Platform, and stimulate debates on clusters’ possible actions to shape the future of the EU Single Market.


Furthermore, the conference will showcase the results of EU cluster initiatives under various funding opportunities, emphasizing the COSME/Single Market Programme support. It will actively encourage cooperation among clusters and members through matchmaking and networking initiatives.


The detailed agenda is currently in the finalisation stage and will be shared soon.


The European Cluster Conference 2024 will take place at the Square in Brussels.


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