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ECCP Trend Universe - A tool that evaluates and compares trends in 14 Industrial Ecosystems


The ECCP Trend Universe is a new tool that allows you to gain a deeper understanding of future trends and their impact on your cluster organisation.

Do you want to understand future trends and their impact on your cluster organisation, identify early developments within 14 different industrial ecosystems, or want to make your own trend assessment and be guided by valuable benchmarks based on the wisdom of the many?


The ECCP Trend Universe offers registered ECCP users from the EU the ability to better understand future trends and their impact on your cluster organisation and its members.


The ECCP Trend Universe is a strategic foresight instrument, tailor-made for  EU cluster organisations and cluster members. In a globally connected world, mega and macro trends have a direct impact on markets, technologies and businesses. With the ECCP Trend Universe tool, your organisation can select, assess, and benchmark trends based on the influence strength and the competence strength. 

Trend selection 

Based on the findings of leading futurologists, possible new developments and trends are identified and displayed in the ECCP Trend Universe.  Data sources used for the trend selection include Amy Web, Zukunftsinstitut, WEC, START and scans of millions of data points on Start-ups, research papers and patents (AI-supported). Specific mega and macro trends are defined for each of the 14 industrial ecosystems. Thanks to this unique data collection, the ECCP Trend Universe can be a unique source of intelligence for your organisation.   

Trend assessments and benchmark 

To better forecast future trends, the ECCP Trend Universe offers the possibility for your organisation to assess and benchmark trends in the 14 industrial ecosystems. Your organisation and others like you from clusters across Europe can assess and rate trends regarding their impact on the respective industry (own trend rating). This data then reflects the wisdom of the many (cluster benchmarks) and opens exciting benchmarking and learning opportunities for every single user.  


In addition to your own rankings and assessments, information on trends displayed in the ECCP Trend Universe is regularly assessed and updated based on different input sources: 

  • AI-based global data on the number of research papers, patents, funding levels and news articles per trend and industry. 

  • Input from innovation scouts, who search for the latest innovations per trend and industry from more than 650 sources supported by crawlers daily, document these examples and contribute them to our database 

  • Evaluations and assessments by selected experts 

  • Data from industry-specific projects.




Using the ECCP Trend Universe will enable you to:

★ Get insights into the future to help build strategic competitive advantages ★

★ Better understand future trends and their impact on your cluster organisation ★

★ Explore relevant trends from 14 different industrial ecosystems ★ 

★ View relevant trend assessments from other clusters and global data ★


Watch the ECCP video to learn more about Trend Universe and its various features: