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Plastics Cluster

The Plastics Cluster was established in 2006 with the aim to support development of the plastics industry in the Zlín region.

At present days, Plastics Cluster gathers 50 members who can utilize services focused on education, testing, experimental and applied research and innovations. Tomas Bata University in Zlín and CEITEC - Central European Institute of Technology in Brno are our main partners for R&D activities. Cluster projects of joint purchasing (energies, overheads, raw materials) bring significant economic benefits to the members involved.





Opportunities for cooperation

We are ready to support R&D activities, e.g. to arrange required measurement, testing, analysis etc. either in our Centre for Modelling Products Made of Plastics ( or in facilities of our partners. We also offer services in 3D print and computer tomography areas. To support the development of human resources of cluster members, we organise training and education programmes (workshops, seminars).


Key activities

  • R&D (provision of the technical support and background for applied research on plastics)
  • Human resources (e.g. training and education, recruitment, internship programme for university students in cluster members’ companies)
  • Support of regional technical education (cooperation with local secondary schools/universities)
  • Promotion of the plastic processing field (cooperation with regional authority)
  • Enhancement of cooperation between academic and industrial sector
  • Development of competitiveness and entrepreneurship of cluster members
  • Exchange of information and experience, matchmaking (internal and external networking)


Contact: David Hausner,, +420 775 505 343