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CREA Hydro & Energy

CREA Hydro & Energy, z.s. is a cluster operating in the field of technologies for water management works, water and waste management and renewable energy sources.

The members of the cluster jointly participate in research, development and innovation of products, promotion of the latest know-how, or presentations within the framework of international cooperation. The cluster received the ,,Gold Label of Cluster Management Excellence“  in 2015 and is involved in large-scale waterworks projects and infrastructure modernization, and is active in a number of countries - such as Iraq and the Philippines.

The cluster was founded in 2008 and brings together over 30 members and partners from companies, research institutions and universities. The CREA Hydro & Energy cluster is a member of the European strategic partnership of NATUREEF clusters and a member of the European Water Smart Territories platform, in which it represents the South Moravian Region.




Products / services

  • Supplies of technological units and equipment for hydraulic structures, hydroelectric power plants and pumping stations, waste management and renewable energy sources
  • Services in the field of design, measurement and safety of water structures, consulting, analysis, technical studies, projects, installation, monitoring and technical control
  • Special services in the field of sediments, underwater survey, SMART solutions and digitization of measurements


Opportunities for cooperation

  • Delivery of technology and expertise
  • Research and development in the field of technologies for water management parts, water and waste management and renewable energy sources
  • Creating cluster partnerships for research and internationalization




  • Research, development and innovation
  • Operating in research infrastructure
  • Development and support of the field in the region, in the Czech Republic and in the world
  • Transfer of know-how and international cooperation


Contact: Bretislav Skacel,, +420 602 453 273