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Association for applied research in IT

The AAVIT cluster is a group of leaders in IT and digital services that emphasizes the importance of applied technologies in IT and promotes profitable export of digital services, software and hardware.

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It aims to level the start-up playing field for the IT sector and strengthen the position of the IT sector as an equal partner alongside the manufacturing industry. It serves as a platform for increasing the IT sector's share within the overall GDP of the Czech Republic and the EU and thus acts as a catalyst for networking between the IT sector and public administration.


The cluster is made up by a community of strong technology players and companies from various industries that want to become digital leaders and brings together companies and organizations of all sizes – from global companies to start-ups.


The cluster's strategic goal is to promote digitalization, robotics and artificial intelligence in all sectors and areas of the economy – including industry and transport, healthcare, culture and sports, tourism and other sectors.


Asociace pro aplikovaný výzkum v IT, z. s.
Cluster NIC:10684271Department:Praha
Number of companies:23Employees (estimate):0
CINNameTypeDepartmentEmployees (estimate)
06625258AKESO holding a.s.FirmaPraha0
07361165CREATIVE MELONS s.r.o.FirmaPraha0
04003535DATADDO, a.s.FirmaKrálovéhradecký0
27203824eMan a.s.FirmaPraha0
26180367FERMAT CZ s.r.o.FirmaPraha0
05124697FT Park z.ú.Výzkumný ústavPraha0
26955377IT serve, s.r.o.FirmaJihomoravský0
27432769ITCON Solutions s.r.o.FirmaPraha0
28427980J&T Leasingová společnost, a.s.FirmaPraha0
28543963JHTP Corporation, s.r.o.FirmaPraha0 s.r.o.FirmaJihomoravský0
09172807Nation1 Investment s.r.o.FirmaPraha0
05755875Obce v datech, s.r.o.FirmaPraha0
27091937PHYSTER TECHNOLOGY, a.s.FirmaPraha0
25848666Safetica a.s.FirmaPraha0
28935675Shoptet, a.s.FirmaPraha0
00430790SVI AJAK z.s.FirmaPraha0
24847437TopMonks s.r.o.FirmaPraha0
48591254TTC MARCONI s. r. o.Praha0
08065811Virtual Lab, s.r.o.FirmaJihočeský0
07460481VR LIFE s.r.o.FirmaMoravskoslezský0
26664411XT Park z.ú.Výzkumný ústavPraha0