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Through the Education to Innovation

Project is co-funded by the European Union.
Project aims at development of professional education and skills of the cluster and its member employees in order to increase their work competencies and innovation potential


The project enables NCA to open a portfolio of complex free of charge educational courses for company employees. Meanwhile, the education does not burden the company management with complicated project administration. All the companies or enterprises that belong to any of our member clusters can take advantage of the free education for its staff during this unique project.


The types of Available Courses:

  • Management and Soft Skills (different courses in the fields of Human Resources, Marketing, Management, Production, Personal Development)
  • Accounting, Legal and Economic Courses
  • Language Courses (by agreement different types of languages and levels)
  • IT Courses

Courses take place in the company, if it has a group of 10-12 people for education, or there is also an option to enrol individuals or small groups into open courses, the ones that are attended by participants from several enterprises.



Project and its Progress in 2019

In October 2019, we started Language skill courses, in particular English in pharmaceutical company MB Pharma in Ostrava. By the end of the year we finished public procurement and selected qualified supplier of courses and education in fields of soft skills, IT, accounting and economy. Europrofis ltd. , as legal winner, is in charge of all courses (except of the language types) preparation and realisation throughout the entire project realisation (till the end of May 2022).



Who Participates in the project?

All different companies from various fields have already taken advantage of the education opportunities, such as:

IT enterprises: Kvados plc. And Vítkovice IT Solutions, plc.(from Ostrava), pharmaceutical researchers: Mb Pharma ltd. and FAGOFARMA ltd. (Ostrava)., pharmaceutical manufacturer Dyntec ltd. (Usti nad Labem Region), engineering manufacturer: Realistic plc (Karlovy Vary).


Contact us and make reservation for training and further development of your employees


Contact person: Lucie Foldynova, tel. +420 773 032 220, email: