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We went to Katowice to attend the Clusters Meet Regions


On 7.11. - 8.11.2022, the Clusters Meet Region conference was held in Katowice, organized by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) together with the Polish Cluster Association and the European Commission. The National Cluster Association was of course present and you can read below the insights from the conference. 

Clusters Meet Region is a project whose aim is to bring together clusters in the regions for the purpose of education, exchange of views, experience, and contacts, creating cooperation between clusters and regional actors for the industrial development of the regions. Several events will be organised over a period of two years to help clusters and regional participants to develop in the region. They have already organised three events in Spain, Lithuania and Poland, where we also participated. 


The two-day event was held at the International Convention Centre in Katowice under the auspices of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform, the Polish Cluster Association and the European Commission. Clusters Meet Region in Katowice was covered by the 8th Polish Cluster Congress, which took place on the same date, and so visitors had the opportunity to attend two very interesting events. 


The “Clusters meet Regions” in Katowice was the 3rd event of the series. It focused on the priorities established by the region of Upper Silesia. The Upper Silesia region is an industrialized region with a high level of urbanization. Both industry and housing have been undergoing a continuous process of transformation for more than 30 years as of now. Between 2021 and 2030, the demand for solutions enabling energy and material efficiencies in the industry, construction, renewable energy generation and the integration of electromobility infrastructure into building infrastructure will remain high. Due to the high degree of urbanization and industrialization, as well as high population density – the Upper Silesia is one of the regions with the greatest anthropopression - intensive industrial development has contributed to significant, often irreversible, environmental degradation.


Participants had the opportunity to listen to presentations on topics such as Green and Digital Transition and building resilience. What does this mean for regions and clusters? or Priority Areas and Industrial Ecosystems in Upper Silesia (mobility, health, energy, ICT) or Interregional cooperation driven by clusters in priority areas of Upper Silesia and many more. Interesting was also the panel discussions, which were attended by the Czech Moravian-Silesian Aviation Cluster, represented by Petr Tomasek. 


On the second day, we attended a PITCHING SESSION. Recording HERE




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