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The second call of the EuroCluster Rural Tourism project will support 61 SMEs


61 SMEs have applied for the second call and will receive financial support in the form of a package of services worth up to €5,000.

The total amount of the second call is €305,000, and 61 selected SMEs will receive financial support in the form of a service package worth €5,000.


EuroCluster Rural Tourism´s aim is to help SMEs design and develop new tourism products for international markets that incorporate digital, sustainable and socio-cultural improvements.


Congratulations to the selected businesses.


List of selected SMEs from the second call



The enterprises that have expressed an interest fall into the following NACE classification:

  • Accommodation (I55)
  • Travel agency, tour operator reservation service and related activities (N79)
  • Other NACE codes or, in general, other activities (where the NACE code does not exist) referred to the rural tourism sector


SMEs have the opportunity to choose 4 or more areas for improvement:


  • Digitalization of processes in SMEs
  • Digital marketing and promotion
  • Marketing intelligence and data analysis, Marketing strategy based on data

Green and Sustainable

  • Sustainable management practices for SMEs
  • CO2 management and reduction to address climate change
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Gastronomy and food based on local supply chains


  • Social-cultural skills (interaction with visitors from different cultural backgrounds)
  • Experience generation for visitors (development of corresponding products)
  • Inclusive tourism for visitors with special needs
  • Integration with the local community
  • Interpretation techniques for cultural, historical, and natural resources