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Ten SMEs presented their outputs during the final meeting of the EuroCluster Rural Tourism project


On 15 May 2024, the National Cluster Association organised the final online meeting for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) participating in the EuroCluster Rural Tourism call. At this meeting, SMEs presented the results of their projects.

Ten Czech SMEs have been selected in the EuroCluster Rural Tourism call for proposals, which aims to support 190 SMEs from Europe. The SMEs were given the opportunity to improve their digital, eco-sustainable, and soft/social skills.


SMEs have been working with selected experts since November 2023 to help SMEs with the goals set by the businesses with the help of the experts. During the final meeting, the results of each project were presented.

Key messages:

🗣 The language barrier has been bridged thanks to the Czech Assistance Service Providers (ASPs).
👥 Collaboration between SMEs and ASPs was necessary to achieve the proposed goals.
💡 Each SME has different needs and focus areas.
🌝 Thanks to the projects, the SMEs created new local collaborations.
💰 The financial support of €5000 helps SMEs improve their businesses and step into the high season with already new implementations.
⚡ This is just the beginning of the SME journey - the project also helped SMEs acknowledge their long-term visions and plans.

ASPs who supported the project:

Luděk Kühr
Jan Orava, DIH Tourism 4.0
Katarína Ballová, SmartGuide

SMEs involved in the project:

Lukas Drlik - Levander Farm
Wladimir Abramuszkin - Art Mlyn
Martin Babuska - CIAS Group, Zamek Zelena Hora u Nepomuku
Petr Janícek - Hotel Morava Jevícko
Vít Pechanec - Hotel Fontana
Sabina Shorna - RENOSPOND
Renata Podestová - TJ SPORT Nemcicky
Jana Fiserova - Family Bakery
Jakub Juracka - Q-COOP, TESAK rekreacni stredisko
Created: 23/05/2024 09:19:40