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Advancing Cluster Management: Key Takeaways from the 3rd Cluster Booster Academy's Online Training


The European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) successfully conducted the first segment of the 3rd Cluster Booster Academy (CBA), a meticulously planned online training event from 23 to 25 January 2024.

This year's Academy, for the first time, extended its reach beyond cluster managers to include all cluster employees with a total of 45 selected participants. The event set the stage for the upcoming in-person sessions in Sofia, Bulgaria, in March 2024, promising an even richer experience in cluster management collaboration and learning.


Representatives of cluster organizations from the Czech Optical Cluster, HR Development Cluster and Autocluster participated on behalf of the Czech Republic.


Day 1: Laying the Groundwork for Innovative Cluster Strategies

The online training kicked off with an engaging introduction of the participants, including cluster managers, cluster employees from across Europe as well as colleagues from EISMEA and DG GROW of the European Commission. The day focused on enhancing and evaluating cluster strategies, with a strong emphasis on understanding member needs, goal setting and trend analysis.


Participants actively engaged in discussions about overcoming common cluster challenges, such as funding issues and member engagement. The sharing of experiences and successful strategies from different clusters underscored the significance of a comprehensive and integrated approach in managing these challenges.


Day 2: From Theory to Practice – A Day of Collaborative Learning

Transitioning to the second day, the focus shifted towards practically applying the knowledge gained. Highlights included practical insights from Felicitas Behr of Electric Mobility South West and Lyubomir Stanislavov of the Automotive Cluster Bulgaria, offering valuable lessons in internationalization strategies and software development.


The participants, guided by these best practices, brainstormed on refining their own business models, concentrating on what they wanted to achieve in the next few years. Topics such as improving matchmaking processes, engaging young talent and accelerating problem-solving were at the forefront of their future visions. The collaborative environment facilitated a rich exchange of ideas, with constructive feedback paving the way for further development.


Day 3: Envisioning the Future – Sustainability and Digitalisation

The final day was dedicated to preparing clusters for future challenges, particularly focusing on sustainability and digitalisation. Arild Kristensen’s insights on cluster financing highlighted the importance of effective communication and strategic event promotion.


Participants worked together to adapt their business models to upcoming trends, ensuring adaptability and long-term success. The session ended with participants outlining concrete steps to implement these strategies within their clusters.



The 3rd Cluster Booster Academy's online segment provided an invaluable opportunity for 45 participants to delve into the nuances of modern cluster management. The training sessions offered a balanced mix of theoretical insights and practical applications, setting a strong foundation for the upcoming in-person training in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 11- 12 March 2024.