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Cluster Nanoprogress focuses on research and development of functionalized nanofiber structures and its application to industry and medicine.

We are involved in the Euro-pean Strategic Cluster Partnership “AdPack” in new emerging industry and belong to the category of European excellent clusters under the European Initiative of Cluster Excellence. Within the joint research activities we developed sophisticated methodolo-gies for functionalization of nanofiber structures, built new technological equipment for production of core-shell nanofibers and new equipment based on the worldwide unique AC electrospinning technology. Also the application potential of wide range of functionalized nanofiber structures to medicine and industry was determined. Within our member base we have representatives of three European countries and within our partners are leading cluster organizations and entities from eight world states.



  • Electrospinning devices for production of the functionalized nanofibrous materials
  • Functionalized nanofibrous structures


Cooperation opportunities

  • Basic research;
  • Applied research
  • Clinical trials
  • Product development
  • Business and marketing.



  • Internationalization
  • Cluster development
  • Research and Innovation
  • Cluster joint infrastructure development


Conact: Ilona Hornikova,, +420 271 016 201