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ECCP Invitation for the Cluster Collaboration Labs (C2Lab), Strasbourg, France, on 25-26 September 2024


European Cluster Collaboration Platform invites you to an interactive workshop to create your next project proposal!

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform, in collaboration with the French Association of Pôles de Compétitivité (AFPC), organises the next edition of the Cluster Collaboration Labs in Strasbourg, France, on 25-26 September 2024. The C2Lab is a workshop-style event where you will have the opportunity to meet new partners, discuss your project ideas, and initiate collaboration – for example, to apply together for a European call. You can either join with a concrete project proposal or offer your expertise and knowledge by joining others.


Who can come?

The C2Lab is for companies, cluster organisations, research organisations, actors from civil society, and other entities interested in joining European project consortia. It is open to participants from the European Union and the SMP/COSME countries.


What are the topics of the C2Lab?

As a starting point for the joint project creation, we have defined the following challenges:

  1. Meta clustering: Start the formation of cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary, and trans-European meta clusters to build resilience and accelerate the transition to green and digital economy.
  2. Interregional investments: Collaboration to improve the capacity of public authorities and innovation intermediaries to support the industry in identifying investment opportunities at an interregional scale as well as to develop business cases for interregional innovation projects.
  3. Mobility: Support the shift to towards low- and zero-emission means of mobility and develop recommendations to incentivise the uptake of sustainable mobility choices.
  4. Health: Develop an EU-wide network to enhance pandemic preparedness by better connecting existing infrastructures, innovation agendas, scientific evidence and policymaking mechanisms and agreed data standards.
  5. Construction: Support the development of innovative workflows for deep renovation of buildings to meet long-term climate and energy targets as well as help the transition to circularity in construction 
  6. Your own project idea: You bring and present my own project.




Each participant will choose one of the challenges to work on with their fellow peers during the C2Lab.


How does the C2Lab work?

The C2Lab is a co-creation space and counts on your active participation. The aim is to mature project ideas for the indicated challenges in discussions with the other participants and build a proposal together. The work initiated at the C2Lab should be further implemented after the lab itself. For the work at the lab, we will provide you with a project canvas and facilitators to help and guide the process.

  1. Register, choose a challenge, and set up your profile  

When registering for the event on the B2Match platform, you will choose a challenge which you want to work on. Alternatively, you can present your own project idea and pitch it to the other participants. Complete your profile so that the other participants can get to know you.

Make sure that you select "Long Term Matchmaking" in the registration process to get to know the other participants and book meetings.

  1. Share your offers in the marketplace

Indicate what kind of ideas and capabilities you offer for new projects and what kind of projects you are looking for. Publish this in the marketplace and browse what the other participants bring to the table.

  1. Request meetings (“Long Term Matchmaking”)

Invite other participants to preparatory meetings to speak about collaboration opportunities that you will further explore at the C2Lab. These meetings can take place online on the B2Match platform anytime between registration and the in-person workshop.

  1. Join the online pitching session

At the beginning of September, we will invite you to an online pitching session to present yourself personally to the other participants. This is an additional opportunity for you to meet your prospective project partners.

  1. In-person C2Lab

We will meet in Strasbourg on 25-26 September 2024. Based on your challenge selection, you will join the respective working group to initiate your project ideas with your fellow peers. Each working group will be guided by a facilitator. Within your group, you will develop your project proposal by discussing the main elements of every project:

  • Common goals
  • Objectives and scope of the project
  • Target groups
  • Activities, deliverables and milestones
  • Risks and assumptions


The goal is to have a project roadmap at the end of the C2Lab that your team will further implement and bring to an application to a public call or alternative funding opportunities. At the end of the discussions, you will define the next steps for your collaboration.



📑 Check out the draft agenda.



Please register to participate in the C2Lab: Registration C2Lab Strasbourg

Please note that the European Cluster Collaboration Platform does not cover travel and accommodation costs to participate in the C2Lab.

In case you have any questions, please don´t hesitate to contact us at


C2Lab Discussion Group

We invite you to join the C2Lab discussion group on LinkedIn to stay up to date with the latest info on the C2Lab, get in touch with a larger group of people looking for collaboration, and discuss topics close to your heart.