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Safety and Security Technology Cluster

Safety Technology Cluster was founded in 2010 by particular industrial enterprises, colleges and research and developement companies in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

The main object of Safety Technology Cluster is improvement of security, competitiveness of connective members, support of science, research and innovation in safety and security area, inovation, marketing and publicity, networking between members and education and staff development.



  • Measurement of pollution rate with analysis and evaluation.
  • Expert analysis, reviews, recommendations in safety and security area.
  • Project support and services.
  • Educational activities for cluster members.

Cooperation opportunities

  • Partnership in safety and security area.
  • Consulting and professional activities in safety and security area.
  • Research and development activities and transfer of knowledge and technology.
  • Participation in projects.



  • Research, development and innovation.
  • Organize seminars, conferences and workshops.
  • Project consultation, preparation and realization.
  • Education, marketing and publicity.


Contact: Simona Guzdkova,, +420 734 232 532