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HK Metal Cluster

The Havirov-Karvina metal cluster was established in 2015.


Cluster activities and goals focus on 5 priority areas:

  • Education, development of human resources and professional growth of employees
  • Promotion of engineering and technical fields to stop the outflow of workforce in this area. Focusing on industry 4.0
  • Professional assistance in the field of research and development focused on engineering and welding
  • Joint purchase of products and services
  • Presentation and promotion of the cluster - marketing and PR for members



  • All about welding
  • All about cooperation with companies from Serbia


Cooperation opportunities

  • Cooperation in metalworking
  • Active assistance when entering the Serbian market



  • Cooperation with Vojvodina Metal Cluster - Closed Memorandum of Coop-eration, activities in the field of export/import with Serbia
  • Collaboration with local primary and secondary schools to promote technical education.
  • Education of employees and professional growth and development of member firms.
  • Promotion of cluster members.



Contact: Milan Kasl,, +420 725 717 871