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Energy Water Supply Innovation Clusters

Energy-Water Innovation Cluster (EWIC) was established in 2016 to focus on research and development in the field of energy and IT.

In a short time, the cluster was able to associate more than twenty entities covering the business, research and educational spheres. Its vision is to educate the em-ployees of the cluster and the staff of its members, coordinate innovative projects and provide legal protection for its members.



  • Power industry, in particular the renewable energy sources, power consump-tion management, energy savings, energy decentralisation, ON/OFF Grids, Smart Grids, local distribution networks
  • Certification, analyses and audits for electricity and gas
  • ICT – instrumentation and control, smart networks and data transmissions, SW and HW solutions; Consultancy, education


Cooperation opportunities

  • Provision of advisory services to the cluster members and public
  • Research and development in the fields of energy (electricity industry, gas industry) and IT
  • Collaboration with research organisations in development and research



  • Management and coordination of innovative projects
  • Organisation of seminars, conferences and trainings, such as GDPR, safety and health protection at work, electrical training according to the Decree 50/78 Coll., welding courses)
  • Cooperation with educational and accredited institutions, such as the Czech Society for Quality
  • Seminars on the development of technical education for secondary schools and universities


Contact: Josef Vecer,, +420 777 911 100