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PL-CZ GREEN CLUSTER (01/01/2019 - 21/12/2021)

Project is co-funded by the European Union as a part of the Interreg V-A Czech Republic- Poland Programme.
149.734,6 €

The project addresses insufficient collaboration between the stakeholders from Poland and the Czech Republic active in the areas of green economy, healthy tourism, sustainable development, social economics (such as municipalities, enterprises, schools, universities non-profit organisations).

Via this project we propose a Joint Cluster working on the “win,win” principle (everybody wins). Czech-Polish activities of the cluster focus on internationalization support of natural borderland resources with a specific attention to the Czech Republic, Poland and the regions of Central and Eastern Europe.

There could be various members and partners of the joint cluster, including entrepreneurs, non-profit organisations, research and training institutions, public administrations or municipalities.

Bearing in mind significant importance of good practice exchanges, the members and partners could benefit from number of internships, excursions, workshops and conferences focused on bioeconomy, its further effective implementation and associated business development.

Main Project benefits

  • Supports effective collaboration between enterprises , academic field and public administration
  • Provides opportunity for the members to get engaged in the international trade and marketing activities
  • Assists with the EU finance administration
  • Increases the professional competences and smooth transformation of acquired knowledge and abilities into a practice

Overall, cluster instigates the networking and further cooperation on the Czech –Polish borderline.  A crucial feature is a transfer of good practices in the areas of bioeconomy, healthy travelling, sustainable development and social economics between the Czech and Polish stakeholders.

Contact in the Czech Republic

National Cluster Association


Budova CPI (VSB - TU Ostrava)

Studentska 6202/17, Ostrava-Poruba, 708 00

Czech republic

Contact Person: : Lucie Foldynova, project manager

Tel: +420 773 032 220


Kancelář zajišťuje tyto aktivity:

- společná propagace aktivit klastru a jeho členů

- informační aktivity

- pořádání akcí (semináře, workshopy, obchodní snídaně, stáže)

- konzultace

- dotazníková šetření


Contact in Poland

Biuro Stowarzyszenia Aglomeracja Opolska

Stowarzyszenie Aglomeracja Opolska
Plac Wolności 6, 45-018 Opole

NIP: 7543078725, REGION: 161568833, KRS: 0000485977

tel.  +48 77 44 61 409; fax  +48 77 44 59 612  mobile. +48 796 982 581‬

Zuzanna Gorka – project manager