National Cluster Association - CZ
Ostrava, CZ,

NCA is a supportive platform of the Czech cluster organisations and relevant institutions for the cluster concept development, inter-cluster cooperation and internationalisation by means of concentrating cluster knowledge, experience and expertise.

Czech Knowledge Cluster
Praha, CZ,

CKCZ associates activities of cultural institutions, government sectors and spheres of civil society in concentrating and making accessible cultural, scientific and educational content especially through information and communications technologies.

Pannon Business Network Association
Győr, HU,

PBN, as regional business development organization, aims at strengthening the economic performance of small and medium sized businesses in the western Hungarian region. It intends to be the dedicated partner for foreign direct investors, furthermore, operates in partnership with the regional economic and labour organizations.

Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship and Development
Gliwice, PL,

GAPR is regional development Agency aimed on creation the most supportive environment for entrepreneurship. Agency is expert organization in technology transfer&innovation management, clustering, entrepreneurship support, regional development, both consulting and investments.

The Union of Slovak Clusters
Nitra, SK,

UKS is the only organization representing clusters in Slovakia. The main mission is to promote networking, partnership, innovation and transfer of knowledge, experience and information between regions and SMEs through clusters.