Danube Cluster Policy Maker Forum

Cluster Policy Makers and practitioners are invited on the 11th December in Bucharest to debate on the ways bio-based clusters can be used in the development of future smart specialisation approaches.

As bio-economy has been identified as one of the main opportunities to foster competitiveness in the Danube Region,  Danubiovalnet has taken on the challenge to develop cross-cluster partnerships which will boost eco-innovation by developing regional bio-based value chains. Eco-construction, bio-plastics and phytopharma have been identified as most promising ones. However, there is a need of integrating different experiences from the partner countries into a Joint Bio-Based Industry Cluster Policy Strategy.

The Forum aims to set up a policy platform where regional cluster policy makers meet and follow-up the implementation of the strategy.

The general formal invitation and agenda of the meeting is available here.


Project DanuBioValNet is co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA).